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The Pacific Pulmonary Services (PPS) sales organization works with physicians and their staff to make sure that patients get the oxygen therapy, sleep therapy, or nebulized medication they need when they need it. Our patient care coordinators go above and beyond traditional sales, actually visiting patients, facilitating testing, and helping to coordinate patient care with the physician's office.


Sales positions are spread out across more than 100 local centers in the communities that we serve. Click here to view our locations.

Primary Roles

  • Patient Care Coordinator (Outside Sales Representative)
    Patient care coordinators (PCCs) are responsible for driving sales in their territories. They do this through building relationships with the physicians and their office staff to earn the privilege of supporting their patients with quality home care services. PCCs also build relationships with patients directly, through in-home visits. This gives PCCs the opportunity to be the "eyes and ears" in the patient's home, bringing information back to physicians to ensure patients receive the highest level of care.
  • Patient Care Coordinator Assistant (Sales Assistant)
    Sales assistants are responsible for helping to generate sales by working closely with patients. They spend most of their time visiting patients in their homes to facilitate pulse oximetry testing or to assist the patient with their equipment.
  • District Manager
    District managers (DMs) are responsible for sales growth and operational execution of multiple centers within a sales district, managing between 3 and 15 PCCs and operations managers. DMs drive sales results by demonstrating a commitment to world-class sales, customer service, and operations for multiple sales/support locations.
  • Region Director
    Each region director (RD) leads a sales region including PCCs, DMs and operations managers. RDs develop, evaluate, and implement strategies to drive regional sales growth, and coach district managers and operations managers to execute these strategies.

A Day in the Life of a Patient Care Coordinator

Elaine Benson, Patient Care Coordinator, Las Vegas, Nevada

A patient care coordinator (PCC) is a highly unique sales and service position. A PCC builds relationships with referral sources (physicians and their staff, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities, sleep labs/centers, etc.) as well as directly with patients. In-home visits with the patient allow the PCC to observe the home environment and report back to the referral source, ensuring the patient receives the highest level of care. This high level of care is what sets Pacific Pulmonary Services apart from the rest of the industry.

PPS Patient Care Coordinator Elain BensonIn a recent interview, Elaine Benson, a successful veteran PCC, gave an overview of what a typical day entails for her:

"It is crucial to have a routine set in place," says Elaine. Her day starts at the local center, where she gathers all the necessary paperwork, including oxygen prescriptions ready for the provider to sign, sleep study orders, and marketing materials. She then moves on to sales calls with providers in her territory. PCCs sell oxygen therapy, sleep therapy, and respiratory medication products and services to referral sources. These meetings include discussing pending test results on oxygen and sleep studies and coordinating patient care efforts with the provider. In addition, Elaine schedules two to three lunch in-services per month in order to have one-on-one conversations with providers and their staff.

Elaine also fills part of her day with patient in-home visits. "The position of a patient care coordinator involves exactly what the title calls for—caring for patients," notes Elaine. "One of Pacific Pulmonary Service's core values is putting patients first. It requires being very empathetic with patients who suffer from pulmonary illness or sleep apnea. I sleep well at night, because at the end of the day I helped many sick patients who could have developed a worsened disease state." Elaine recalls a sleep apnea patient who was extremely paranoid of falling asleep because at times he would stop breathing and wake up gasping for air. The patient's doctor called in a STAT order and the patient was set up with a CPAP machine the following day. Elaine still recalls the gratitude expressed by the patient for "saving my life."

Elaine credits her success to the close working relationship she has with the referral sources and the support she gets from other members of the PPS team, including the customer care representatives, the technicians, and her managers.

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PPS Patient Care Coordinator Elain Bensen "The position of a patient care coordinator involves exactly what the title calls for—caring for patients."

- Elaine Benson, Patient Care Coordinator, Las Vegas, Nevada